Defensive Driving Seminar
Last June 2, 2018, Students Enrolled in Honda Cars Driving School and participate in Honda Cars Driving School "DEFENSIVE DRIVING" Seminar where in we discuss the following.

  • Understand and Reducing Risk
  • Managing Visibility, Time, and Space
  • Three Components of Driving
  • Systems of Driving
  • The SIPDE Process
  • The Smith System
  • The Zone Control System
  • Rules of the Road- Speed Limit Law
  • Don't Drink and Drive
  • Others Rules You Must Follow
  • Rights of Drivers
  • Duties of Drivers When Apprehended
  • Proper Conduct of Apprehending Officer
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Jumpstarting
  • Push Starting
  • Safety Features of a Vehicle
  • Active Safety Features
  • Passive Safety Features
  • Vehicle Security
Enroll now! to know more about defensive driving.